Change Mat

These soft change mats are reversible, and feature a gorgeous cotton or silk brocade print, coordinated with a solid-colour background on the other side. Pack it in your diaper bag and show off the sling fabric that you love so much!

Unlike cold and crackly vinyl change mats, ours are lined on the inside with a waterproof laminate barrier and a thin layer of 100% cotton padding, so they're great not only for diaper changes, but also to protect against cloth-diaper leaks in bed.

Choose fabric from our Basic, EcoLogic, or Fashion Maven collections.

Size: Approximately 50 x 70 cm (20" x 27.5")

Interior: 100% cotton interior, polyurethane laminate
Exterior: Depends on fabric chosen from collections

Cottons: Machine-wash on regular cycle with like colours. Machine-dry or hang-dry.
Silks: Machine-wash on gentle, cold cycle or hand-wash. Machine-dry on gentle cycle or hang-dry for best results.


Change Mat
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