Fashion Maven sling, Silk brocade, "Hello Kitty, Red"

Fabric description: "Hello Kitty, Pink"
Those who love Hello Kitty know that she's not just for the kids! This brocade in a bright red makes her a glamorous option for adults.

95% silk, 5% rayon

Hand-wash or dry-clean or machine-wash on a cold-cold delicate cycle.
Hang-dry or machine-dry.

Sizes available:
Ring Sling: sizes A and B, or custom-size, $120
Pouch Sling: sizes PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, or custom-size, $120. Reversible: to be paired with your choice of solid-coloured silk dupioni.
Mei Tai: one size only, $145. Reversible: to be paired with your choice of solid-coloured silk dupioni.

OAOFs available:
> The Contrast Tail

Accessories available:
> The Mobile Pocket
> Soft change mat
> The Child Sling

These silk-blend brocades are truly gorgeous, and will really get you both noticed! A full swath of the brocade envelopes you and your child, both front and back, and it is as comfortable as it is eye-catching. We use the highest silk content possible in our silk brocades, not cheaper 100% polyester or 100% rayon brocades. These slings come with 2 ½" rings, rather than the usual 2".

You can preserve the beauty of your silk sling best by hand-washing or dry-cleaning them, although you can also machine-wash and dry on the cold-cold delicate cycle. The shrinkage is nominal, and there will be a wrinkling effect as the silk loses its sheen slightly. (You can minimize this look by ironing it out). You will find that the advantages are an easily-washed silk sling, and a fabric that is now softer and easier to adjust through the rings.

Please note that the photos don't do these fabrics justice! To see how vibrant the colours are, and to feel the fabrics, contact a local retailer to see if they've stocked what you're looking for.

Note: This is a very smooth, high-sheen fabric, and will lose some of its sheen with regular wash and wear.
Fashion Maven sling, Silk brocade, "Hello Kitty, Red"
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