Hazelwood necklace for teething

These hazelwood necklaces, handmade in Quebec, are a natural analgesic option for teething babies and toddlers. With benefits long known to First Nations people, hazelwood neutralizes the acidity that causes toothache, and may also prevent or soothe other conditions such as diaper/skin rashes, eczema, fever while teething, and sore spots. When worn directly on the skin, these hazelwood necklaces can offer safe and effective comfort to your child.

Necklaces for babies measure approximately 11" (necklace should not be extend further than baby's chin).

Hazelwood's effectiveness depends on each individual's acidity level, and decreases when the wood is darkened.
Hazelwood is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Choices currently available: amber-blue; aventurine; green and yellow jade; moonstone; onyx; pink quartz (not shown).
Hazelwood necklace for teething
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