Mobile Pocket

Because you're mobile. This pocket's mobile. And hey, you can even store your mobile (phone)!

Perhaps the first of its kind when it first appeared on the sling market, this nifty little pocket is designed to loop through your sling rings, or through a fabric loop on your sling. Its great advantage is that it allows you to move your contents around from sling to purse, to backpack, etc.. Slip on or off your sling, or belt loop, or handbag strap, to take wherever you go.

Unlike pockets in the sling tail that can bang against your thighs or knees, this detachable pocket is at hand's reach, and is there when you need it, and not when you don't. It's a nifty little size--carry a few essentials like your mobile phone, a credit card, a $20-bill, and you're travelling light for a quick stroll!
Front flap closes with Velcro (simple one-handed operation compared to a zipper!). Pocket attaches to sling by an exclusive kissed baby-designed Velcro method (yay, no chunky hardware!).

Size: Approximately 15 cm x 10 cm (6" x 5")
* Prices vary for hand-beaded Mobile Pockets. *

Mobile Pocket
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