Splasher Sling, "Mesh Turquoise"

Fabric: "Mesh, Turquoise"
Mesh jersey fabric that dries quickly and doesn't absorb water. Great for taking baby into the water. This is suitable for leisure water use, not to be used while swimming with a child.

100% polyester

Machine-wash on regular cycle with like colours.
Machine-dry or hang-dry.

Sizes available:
Ring Sling: size A or B
Pouch Sling: sizes PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, or custom-size. One layer only, non-reversible.

OAOFs available (on Ring Slings only):
> Embroidered Panel
See choices of design, colours, and fonts at http://shop.kissedbaby.com/Optional-Add-on-Feature-The-Embroidered-Panel-OAOF-EP.htm

Accessories available:

Splasher Sling, "Mesh Turquoise"
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